PROFHILO& boosters


wrinkle relaxers and skin stimulators

PROFHILO & boosters


wrinkle relaxers and skin stimulators



Profhilo® is revolutionizing traditional injectables with a new kind of skin bio-remodeling. Sometimes called an injectable moisturiser, Profhilo provides deep hydration and collagen stimulation for improved skin texture and glow.




Botulinum Toxin is a wrinkle relaxing injectable which can remove the signs of your negative facial emotions.  This precision prescription-only medicine blocks the message from the nerve to the muscle, preventing the muscle from contracting, resulting in smoother skin.



Fillmed® revolutionary hyaluronic acid and nutrient solutions target the delicate skin of the eye and neck. They  are designed to refresh tired eyes, turn back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of dark circles


Injectable treatments

In trained and safe hands, the range of injectable products can make a profound difference to the appearance or quality of skin. At Good Skin Place, these treatments are carefully selected to complement the first principle: skin that is as good and as healthy as it can possibly be. 


Profhilo® is a unique injectable Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which works differently to traditional fillers. It is the consistency of runny honey and is injected into the face or neck just under the skin, with just 10 injection sites. Profhilo® contains a higher concentration of HA (64mg/ml) than usual dermal fillers and the HA molecules are bonded by heat. This makes them stable and longer lasting in your tissue, rejuvenating ‘biostimulating’ your skin. Despite its high HA content, Profhilo® has a low inflammatory profile and pro-healing properties backed by clinical studies. 

While traditional fillers replace volume and enhance contours, Profhilo® is focused on bio-revitalisation. Bio-revitalisation stimulates your own skin cells (Fibroblasts) and fat cells to function better to create more youthful looking tissue and skin. Profhilo® was launched in Paris in 2017 and has been extremely well received internationally It is a well-researched product made by one of the top HA making companies IBSA, from Italy. Elizabeth received her training from the only approved trainers for IBSA in the UK




The treatment consists of 10 small injections of the Profhilo® under the skin at precise pre-set positions on the face and/or neck.

The initial treatment course includes 2-3 sessions at 4-week intervals. Most people see positive changes after their second session. Sometimes a 3rd treatment may be needed to achieve the best results. Your result can be maintained with a single treatment session every 4-6 months.


The injections are superficial, so there will be a small bump, like an insect bite at the site, with some redness. This will reduce over the following hours. It is important not to rub or touch these injection points. As with all injections, there is a risk of bruising. 


The active hyaluronic acid remains in the skin for a month. The hydrating effect and bio stimulation of the skin will be visible for 4 to 6 months 

WHAT IS THE cost of treatment?

The Profhilo treatment is usually delivered as two treatments a month apart, followed by treatments at 4 to 6 month intervals.

Initial two treatments:
2ml £450
3ml £550

Follow up treatments at 4 or 6 months
2ml £250 per treatment
3ml £300 per treatment

There are variations, for some patients a third treatment is advised to start (particularly for skin that needs extra hydration). Some patients prefer to have profhilo top-ups more regularly


Remove the signs of your negative facial emotions with wrinkle relaxing injections.  Botulinum Toxin is an injectable treatment which blocks the message from the nerve to the muscle and prevents the muscle from contracting. So it prevents specific movements that result over time in fine expression lines or wrinkles – such as frown lines or crow’s feet. Used with precision, this causes the skin overlying these muscles to become smooth and relaxed, improving the fine lines and wrinkles, which over time and with regular treatment can eventually disappear.

Botulinum Toxin is a relatively quick treatment, with a good safety profile if properly used, so it is important to see a reputable injector for safe and predictable results.  A full clinical history is taken to avoid possible contra-indications to having Botulinum Toxin injections. A full facial assessment allows your injector to tailor the treatment to your face and its expressions.

how long do wrinkle relaxing injections last?

Most clients start to notice the effects of their Botulinum Toxin injections after approximately a week, with full effect in place after two weeks. A follow up appointment will be made 2 weeks after your first appointment, to review the effect of the treatment on your muscles and skin. There is no charge for this, but it is essential for us to be able to assess your results and check that you are happy with them.

The effects of Botulinum Toxin injections last between 3-4 months, however this varies for different individuals. We recommend having repeat treatments from this interval to achieve the best results. 


The injections are superficial, so there will be a small bump, like an insect bite at the site, with some redness. This will reduce quickly over the next few hours. As with all injectables, there is a risk of bruising.

what are the treatment areas?
The most common areas that people like to treat are the forehead horizontal lines (frontalis), the frown (glabellar) and the crow’s feet around the eyes. It is also possible to use toxin to create a brow lift, and to help to prevent chin dimpling and the effect of strong muscles which turn the corners of the mouth down
Is it safe?

Botulinum toxin is a prescription medicine for the treatment of frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet round the eyes. This medical device must be administered by a healthcare professional. Botulinum toxin has risks and benefits and a thorough consultation is needed. Anti-wrinkle injections have an excellent safety profile. They have been used for more than 30 years in the medical field treating Neurological and Ophthalmological conditions eg: Migraines and muscle spasms. There are over 2000 published trials in over 60 countries which highlight the safety of the product in well trained hands.

Botulinum toxin is prescribed following a short face to face consultation with Miss Margaret Strick and the treatment is performed by Elizabeth Dell.

What is the cost?

Wrinkle relaxing injections are charged according to how much toxin is needed to treat an area. for this reason treatment for men can be more expensive, as the muscles on the forehead are stronger, requiring more toxin to effectively relax the expression. 

The most usual request is for three areas, forehead, glabella (no 11’s), and crows feet. Usually to achieve a balance you have to take into account lifting or depressing muscle movement in more than one area

One area £180
Two areas £200
Three areas £220

additional areas charged at £20 each, but may vary depending on amount of toxin required.

Review at two weeks is free of charge. If further toxin is needed to balance treatment at this stage, it is not charged for.

FILLMED BeautifEye 

The BeautifEye Treatment targets the delicate skin around the eye, aiming for a reduction in dark circles and fine lines and tighter, brighter skin around the eyes. The aim is to improve and restore elasticity to the eye area. The course of three treatments addresses puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to lift the eyelid, hydrate the eye area and restore radiance. 

BeautifEye from French filler makers FILLMED uses the tiny silicone needles (0.6 of a milimeter) to deposit small papules of mesotherapy solution NCTF 135 HA under the extremely delicate peri-orbital skin.

This mesotherapy treatment of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals is combined with with FILLMED’s Skin Perfusion Eye Recover Mask and DERMALUX led light therapy treatment to finish. 


what is beautifeye?

BeautifEye is not a filler that masks over dark circles, or changes the shape of the tear trough. The Beautifeye treatment with NCTF135HA serum boosts the skin and helps to repair dark circles from within. NCTF is a CE approved mesotherapy cocktail comprising hyaluronic acid, 12 vitamins + 24 amino acids + 6 co-enzymes + nucleic acids + 6 minerals + 6 others

Three treatments are typically given, at two-week intervals, with follow- up treatment at 6 to 9 months.



Tiny microinjections are used around the delicate eye area, these result in small raised pearls in the area which reduce quickly over the next hour. For some patients these bumps may last for 24 hours.  As with all injectables, there is a risk of bruising. However, the patented silicone mesotherapy needles used with NCTF reduce risk of bruising and discomfort

what is bionutrineck?

BioNutriNeck, also from FILLMED, targets the skin of the neck, in particular the horizontal bands or ‘tech neck’ caused by repeated bending of the neck over electronic devices. Tiny silicone needles inject papules of NCTF HA along these lines, and mesotherapy NCTF135HA mix of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals boosts the skin between the lines. This treatment is intensified with a Dermalux LED treatment to stimulate cell activity and healing.

Three treatments are typically given, at three-week intervals with a follow-up treatment at 6-9 months

What is the cost?

BeautifEye treatment is £130 per treatment (course of 3)

Bionutrineck treatment is £149 per treatment (course of 3)

As with all aesthetic treatments which rely on your body’s natural response, results will vary; some skins will take longer to change, some will change more than others. Lifestyle factors, such as sun exposure, general health, diet, can also influence your response. I have invested in treatments which have the best results across a range of skin types, with the backing of research, and which are approved for safety and efficacy.