Non-surgical facelift case study radiofrequency

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Radiofrequency & Dermapen

Everyone loves a transformation, we all want to look ten years younger, and would also prefer not to have to go to dramatic surgical lengths to do so. This before and after pair were taken 2 months apart. in March and May 2017. They represent a significant improvement in skin texture, tone and laxity. A non-surgical facelift.



All round skin rejuvenation
Signs of ageing – wrinkles reduced
Eyelid hoods and folds lightened
Soft crepey skin, improved elasticity
Sagging jowels tightened and improved
Neckline and jawline tightened and enhanced
Uneven pigmentation improved



i. Radiofrequency skin tightening with BTL Exelis Elite
Number of Treatments:
4, one week apart

ii. Microneedling with Dermapen
Number of treatments:1



This is me, Elizabeth Dell, 50 years old, and with skin which has known some challenges. Along with the usual effects of ageing, so, skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, I have the effects of extensive sun damage in my youth. Repeated sunburn of a fair, redhead freckled skin has resulted in unevenness of pigmentation, and greater loss of elasticity. In addition, my skin is thinned through the application of steroids to control the plaques and inflammation caused by an auto-immune skin condition, discoid lupus.
Over the last 5 years I have had a number of radiofrequency skin treatments (Forma by invasix), which convincingly improved the tone and elasticity of my skin. In March 2017, I had my first treatment using my brand new Exilis Elite radiofrequency machine, by BTL. The before photos are hastily snapped in the clinic by Matt, my trainer, before he settled me down for my first treatment. I followed this with three further full face treatments, about a week apart (yes, I iron my own face). Between the third and fourth treatment, I had a full face microneedling treatment using my Dermapen. I have had Dermapen treatments in the past, but this was specifically to target unevenness of pigmentation.


I could see an improvement in my skin after each treatment. Especially around my eyes, where there was a real lift. My skin was fresher and more supple. I was happy with the results, I was getting regular comments about how healty I was looking or how good my skin was.

When, two months after starting the treatments, I took a further set of photographs I was truly amazed at the results. With radiofrequency treatments, the process is so gradual, as your skin is effectively healing itself from the ‘trauma’ caused by the energy. As with the ageing process, it is so gradual that we do not notice the changes until one day we are stopped short by a comparison between our memory and the reality in the mirror.

The photographs speak for themselves. My skin is much clearer, brighter and more elastic.
The pigment is also much more even. The contours are lifted.

I know that my skin will continue to age, these treatments do not stop that process (if only!). But what they do is take the clock back to a healthier, more youthful point. I will continue to top up these treatments every few months to help to prevent the breakdown of collagen.



“The best bit? My eyes. I have always had hooded eyes. This is the first time that I have been able to do anything about the crepey skin around my eyes. Combined with the treatment to my forehead, I feel they have really opened up. Oh, and my jawline! Love that”


As with all aesthetic treatments which rely on your body’s natural response, results will vary; some skins will take longer to change, some will change more than others. Lifestyle factors, such as sun exposure, general health, diet, can also influence your response.