I know what it is to live in a damaged and difficult skin



I know what it is to live in a damaged and difficult skin


happy skin. (naturally). I founded The Good Skin Place® because I am passionate about skin health and wellbeing. I am a nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, I have a PGDip in Clinical Dermatology and a special interest in rosacea, acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation and of course ageing skin. Here I can lavish all my experience: with troubled skin; over a decade in the Aesthetics business; a creative head and an extreme eye for detail; skill in the feelgood life changes counselling can bring.


I know what it is to live in a damaged and difficult skin


Me, 2011 and May 2017.
*Understandably, I don’t have many photos of myself like this. I can honestly say I look better now than I did at 40.

My passion for skin wellbeing is deeply personal. I know what it is to live in a damaged and difficult skin. My journey to manage my skin was fascinating, and took in cosmeceutical skin care, supplements and high tech skin treatments.

I have a combination which works for me – radiofequency, IPL, dermapen and specific, targeted skincare from Akademikliniken.

In 2002 after pregnancy, my skin mutinied.


Great red scaly patches on my face and body; eyes that looked punched (they weren’t).

It took a few years and a brilliant dermatologist to diagnose Discoid Lupus, an autoimmune condition affecting mainly the skin. More recently, I have been challenged by another chronic autoimmune skin condition, Pityriasis lichenoides.

Growing up in South Africa, my Celtic skin has been sorely challenged by sun damage.

I am evangelical about sun protection now, and have in my mind’s eye the hours of crisping of a freckled rehead with olive oil (or maybe butter?) under an African sun. I am paying the price now, damage that continues to surface.



I am fully certified and insured for all the advanced treatments I deliver


The Good Skin Place® grew out of 13 years of business development and co-ordinating patient journeys in aesthetic and plastic surgery startups. I was privileged to work with amazingly talented friends, to build their medical aesthetic and surgical businesses. Since 2012, I got hands on, treating clients and loving both the skincare, and the inspiration of these women (and some men). Ever the student, I have enjoyed researching, learning, gathering all the experience, certification and accreditation needed to treat safely and intelligently. I embrace the increased regulation of the industry.

In 2019 I was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology, with Distinction, by the University of South Wales. It is an intensive clinical training and insight that informs and inspires my daily practise. In 2022 I was awarded my Nursing MSc, my dissertation subject was Rosacea.



I am an artist, an art historian, academic, writer, editor, museum curator. I am richly blessed with many previous lives, you might say.

I am a creative thinker who found creative outlet in the strategy and problem solving of business, and a natural home in the detail of aesthetics.


It is more than skin, this Good Skin® aesthetic thing. It is about a way of living beautifully.

Look good, feel well, be inspired.


What has inspired me always has been people’s stories. Over long, multiple treatment sessions, we will probably talk, if clients like. I get to know clients well, I am privileged to hear their stories. Often there are underlying reasons for coming for treatment,  sometimes just not recognising the face in the mirror and needing to remind themselves of who they are.

Recognising the patterns in these stories tapped into my long-held interest in personal identity and value, and the vulnerability of self-image. As an academic, I was inspired to go back to school, have completed my counseling COSCA certification.

Look good, feel good.


In opening Good Skin® I have been able to bring under one space two passions – skin health and Resurge Africa.

This charity, established in 1992, and directed by a truly inspiring group of medics, provides training in reconstructive surgery in West Africa.

I manage Resurge Africa, which kind of helps to keep things real for me.

Find out more about Resurge Africa.


“Elizabeth brings her everyday humanity and the warmth of her personality to the delicate science of good skin”