Announcing The Good Skin Place

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Mutiskin becomes The Good Skin Place®

In November 2019, MutiSkin will change identity, and become known as THE GOOD SKIN PLACE®, following the successful registration of trademark. Only the name will change, and Elizabeth’s skin clinic will continue as usual, focusing on skin health and aesthetics, with the treatments and approach that her clients know and love.

This change was in response to an EU trademark conflict around use of the word ‘muti’ for aesthetic or cosmeceutical work. The word ‘muti’ is very personal to me, and I am sad to see it go. However, I celebrate the new branding, naming my clinic ‘The Good Skin Place’ – to describe exactly what the clinic does and what it stands for. And this time, the clinic name is protected by a trademark of its own.

The Good Skin Place® will stay true to its MÜTI philosophy:

(healing). pronounced moo-ti. MÜTI is a made-up word. It is derived from the Zulu word umuthi, meaning “tree”and is a South African word for medicine of any kind. Muti makes me think of my South African grandmother. Muti is what you use to make things better. To her it was a cream. A medicine. A kiss-it-better. So MÜTI for me is kindness and health and nurturing. Healing.